Photo of Laura Higbee

Laura relies on impressive research skills and an attention to detail to help her clients develop winning litigation strategies.

Laura leaves no stone unturned in her representation of clients involved in commercial litigation. As part of larger litigation teams, she helps clients and colleagues to synthesize complex data sets and to situate facts within applicable laws and regulations.

Laura’s clients also benefit from her experience with administrative law and procedure. She served as an intern with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Office of General Counsel, as well as serving as a clerk with both the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings and the D.C. Commission on Human Rights. While at the EEOC, Laura assessed amicus potential for recently appealed Title VII and Equal Pay Act (EPA) cases and researched multiple legal issues, including the tender back doctrine, gender identity as a form of sex discrimination, and previous salary as a factor other than sex under the EPA.

On Tuesday, April 19, the American Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Law Section hosted the panel “Navigating the New Normal: Accommodations in the Pandemic Era.” The panel members were Alex Breland of CDK Global in Chicago, IL; Pamela Devi Chandran of the Washington State Nurses Association in Seattle, WA; and Jackie Gessner of Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Indianapolis, IN. Carolyn Wheeler of Katz, Marshall, & Banks LLP in Washington, DC served as moderator. Their consensus was that, although vaccines have (thankfully) lowered Covid-19 infection and death rates, workplace challenges related to Covid have not gone away. They have only changed.
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